2015 Cookie Labels Are Here

Hey guys, we have all-new labels for The Cookie Project featuring killer art from Melissa Pagluica and dazzling layouts from Steve Simmons! The labels are available in PDF format below. Make sure that when you print them, you print them “Actual Size.” By default, Acrobat will try to shrink them down by adding a margin […]

art by Melissa Pagluica

Thank You, Cookie Project!

Greetings Cookie Project, I just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful gift you gave me at United Artist Theaters on Christmas day. It really made my day and was the last thing I expected when I came to work. It’s wonderful to know there are caring and appreciative people out there. This is something […]

Outside a Subway restaurant in West Hollywood, Michael Hope adjusted his Santa hat, stuffed a festive Christmas bag with cellophane-wrapped cookies and prepared to make his first delivery.

“OK, let’s see who’s working,” said Hope, 36, as he walked into the Subway. Andrew Neal, 29, peered through the window.

Like Hope and Neal in Los Angeles, volunteers around the country spent Christmas delivering homemade cookies to gas station attendants, baristas, grocery store clerks and others who had pulled the holiday shift.

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If you’re working today, John Marcotte would like to say you’re not forgotten. And have a cookie, please.

“I always have that philosophy in life – you shouldn’t be a spectator,” said Marcotte, a Sacramento writer and editor. “If something bothers you, do something about it.”

And what bugs Marcotte most on Christmas Day is all the people who have to work and can’t spend the holiday with their families, friends and loved ones.

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