Thank You, Cookie Project

Thanks so much for delivering at the hospital! made my day!

-Gabriela C. Wilson

Thanks guys from the 76 gas station #sealbeach

-Larry Feria

Thank you for the Xmas cookies! My mom received them while working during Xmas at a hospital. She was so thankful!

-Meg Reid

Cookie project volunteers,

Thank you for the cookies delivered to Walgreens pharmacy in Grants Pass, OR. I’m glad that we are able to provide services for our community and other outlying communities that need pharmacy services during the holidays. This year was exceptionally nice though. We have had so many wonderful people and organizations such as yours tell us how much they appreciate us being here on Christmas. Thank you. It makes being here worthwhile instead of just job.

Thank you,
Pharmacy Staff

Thank you so much for the awesome cookies!!

-Jalene Thomas

Thanks for the cookies from all of us at Rite Aid on Freeport!

-Sara Osborne

Thanks For Giving Us Workers At United Artists Christmas Cookies Today We Appreciate it :)

-Karen Barjas

Hi I work at the regal theater in Arden and I just wanted to thank Yvonne for the delicious cookie and candy cane lollipop. I ate every last bite!!!! Thank you Yvonne!

-Austin King

OMG- your group made our xmas day SOO sweet!!!

The cookies and the sweet messages they have attached to them, just humbled me-to think that you did this for us.

Thank you for such kindness,it means alot to me.

Today is only here once to enjoy.

-Donna Johnson

Thank you for the cookies!! Lisa prepared mine and they were a great treat with my coffee. Thanks for thinking of us. Merry Christmas