Thank You, Cookie Project!

Greetings Cookie Project,

I just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful gift you gave me at United Artist Theaters on Christmas day. It really made my day and was the last thing I expected when I came to work. It’s wonderful to know there are caring and appreciative people out there. This is something I definitely won’t forget. I hope your holidays were just as memorable.


The cookies were delicious!

Even though I worked today my Christmas was such a special one. We opened presents at 7am so I could see those smiling faces on my two favorite people, at work our boss bought us Starbucks and some elves brought us these killer cookies from #TheCookieProject Not to mention all the praise and well wishes! #TrulyBlessed #ChristmasTooRemember

Thank you so much for the delicious cookies. It made my day brighter knowing somebody thought of me working on Christmas.

Thanks very much for this batch of cookies that u sent to where I work……..Redwood Chevron……Circle K…
They were very delicious!!!! Chocolate is everything to me!!!!
That was very kind of u folks to do that for us & others also…….

Have a great new year!!! Eddie