Thank You, Cookie Project!

Greetings Cookie Project,

I just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful gift you gave me at United Artist Theaters on Christmas day. It really made my day and was the last thing I expected when I came to work. It’s wonderful to know there are caring and appreciative people out there. This is something I definitely won’t forget. I hope your holidays were just as memorable.


The cookies were delicious!

Even though I worked today my Christmas was such a special one. We opened presents at 7am so I could see those smiling faces on my two favorite people, at work our boss bought us Starbucks and some elves brought us these killer cookies from #TheCookieProject Not to mention all the praise and well wishes! #TrulyBlessed #ChristmasTooRemember

Thank you so much for the delicious cookies. It made my day brighter knowing somebody thought of me working on Christmas.

Thanks very much for this batch of cookies that u sent to where I work……..Redwood Chevron……Circle K…
They were very delicious!!!! Chocolate is everything to me!!!!
That was very kind of u folks to do that for us & others also…….

Have a great new year!!! Eddie

Giving thanks to all this Christmas, one cookie at a time

Outside a Subway restaurant in West Hollywood, Michael Hope adjusted his Santa hat, stuffed a festive Christmas bag with cellophane-wrapped cookies and prepared to make his first delivery.

“OK, let’s see who’s working,” said Hope, 36, as he walked into the Subway. Andrew Neal, 29, peered through the window.

Like Hope and Neal in Los Angeles, volunteers around the country spent Christmas delivering homemade cookies to gas station attendants, baristas, grocery store clerks and others who had pulled the holiday shift.

Continued at The Los Angeles Times 

Cookie Project spreads cheer to those working this holiday


If you’re working today, John Marcotte would like to say you’re not forgotten. And have a cookie, please.

“I always have that philosophy in life – you shouldn’t be a spectator,” said Marcotte, a Sacramento writer and editor. “If something bothers you, do something about it.”

And what bugs Marcotte most on Christmas Day is all the people who have to work and can’t spend the holiday with their families, friends and loved ones.

Continued on The Sacramento Bee

Christmas TV

The Cookie Project in the News


Our friends at Good Day Sacramento invited us into the studio Christmas morning and then followed us as we made our first delivery of the day.

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And that evening, CBS 13 picked up the story as well.

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Our friends at News10 Sacramento were the first to pick up on the story.

It was also picked up by KGO in San Francisco, and by my good friend Pat Robertson at The 700 club via his “news” organization CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network).

Next we were written up in Kel Munger’s blog in The Sacramento News & Review.

And on Christmas Day, News10 returned and followed as we delivered cookies across the city.

Thank you

Thank You, Cookie Project

Thank you

Thank you from our CVS crew! We really appreciate the delicious cookies and great gesture they represent. It was a great surprise for us and we just wanted to let you know. Hope you guys have a happy new years!

I work at the movies and just wanted to say I appreciated the cookies!


thank you so much to Nick, Alsha, and Richard for making my day! they brought cookies for all of the employees at Sizzler on Xmas Day.

The cookies were wonderful. The thought brought joy and the true feeling of Christmas. I volunteered to work knowing customers would appreciate SaveMart being open and seeing a person took time to do so much extra on Christmas Day really made my Holidays complete.


D. Murph.

Thank you so much for the cookies, we also like to spend time with family and friends, but bills don’t let us. times are very hard for small business.

Thank you so much.


Ansh Market
Mountain View, CA

We just wanted to thank you both for the cookies that were given to our fuel attendant at our 39th and Stark location on Christmas day. The thought of the project was very respectable and admirable and again we wanted to thank you both! The cookies were delightful and thoughtful!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

the Jacksons 521 team.

Janelle Mackmer

Store Manager

Cookies by Kel,

Thank you for the cookies u brought me at 7eleven in downtown Sacramento, they are so good I’ve had 4 already and I’m tempted to have a couple more, I wanted to save some for my wife but I don’t think that’s gonna happen! Once again thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

Johnny M

Dear cookie magic makers,

Thanks so much for the cookies, this is my first christmas alone and without my family (they live out of town) and you guys really brightened my day!! What a wonderful idea and a selfless amazing way to spend the holiday giving to others. I bet if all the bosses and CEO’s worked a Christmas or 2 , they would change thier minds about making thier employees work ;)

Kristie Cook

I WAS SO HAPPILY SURPRISED BY THE COOKIES! I havent had a chance to taste them yet but it’s very thoughtful to have a complete stranger deliver cookies to our office because we are obligated to work today and we very much appreciate the Christmas spirit; after all, that it what ‘s all about, right? Thanks again for the smile and the cheer you brought to our day!!


yay rachel is awesome she brought the cutest most delicious cookies!! :D